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Personal Portable Dance Partner "MY DANCE ASSISTANT" MDA/PRINCE model/for girls


Created by world renowned dance expert Leonid Pletnev. A unique, having no analogues device for training and competitions WITHOUT a partner in the dance hall or at home. Trains the position of the arms, body and head, correct interaction skills in a pair, a sense of the internal space of the position, endurance and muscle memory. Prevention of errors. The effect of real physical interaction with a partner. Applicable to all pair dance styles and skill levels.


The MDA/PRINCE model (Royal Classic collection) is designed for girls and Ladies (height up to ~155 cm).


Number of segments: 4

Connection system: folding telescopic

Weight: 450 g.

Folded length: -- cm

Working range: -- cm

Colour tube/handles: white/red 

Kit: telescopic tube, hand holders, adjusting belt, carrying bag, Adjusting and Operating instruction, plastic cover pack

Delivery: check info when ordered


When purchase you become one of the first owners of a revolutionary dance device that has no analogues.


Royal Classic collection includes models MDA/QUEEN (for man), MDA/KING (for women), MDA/PRINCESS (for boys) and MDA/PRINCE (for girls). Find them in our online shop too.


No suffer from dancing loneliness any more!

Now you will always have a dance partner!


MY DANCE ASSISTANT - simple and effective.

Personal Portable Dance Partner "MY DANCE ASSISTANT" MDA/PRINCE model/for girls

  • The author of the gadget, Leonid Pletnev, guarantees a refund of the payments in case of impossibility of products delivery. Registration of a refund of payment is carried out by a personal appeal of the buyer by email: The letter must indicate the details of the order.

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