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Welcome to MY DANCE ASSISTANT USA web site!


Here are the dance goods, which we created for you.

There are useful MY DANCE ASSISTANT* (MDA) dance gadgets to dance alone, without dance partner for

correct development and improvement of personal dance skills.


MDA products are designed for dancers of all genres and levels, teachers and trainers, judges and



More than 50 years of experience in dance industry allows us to create guaranteed helpful products.


We have always strived for the effectiveness of the educational process, accelerating the development

of dancers and increasing their level of pleasure.


Only original and high quality MDA products are offered here.

All copyrights for products and inventions are patented and protected by law.


We are open for cooperation, interested in wholesale sales of goods and their further improvement.


Wishing you happy dancing and pleasure from working with MDA products!


Sincerely yours,

MDA Team

*MY DANCE ASSISTANT (MDA) is a registered brand of Amazing Dance World e.U. (Austria) company.

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